Is an Antigen Test Fit to Fly?

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If you were thinking that the days of booking last minute flights to escape your everyday life were firmly a thing of the past, you will be thrilled to hear that you are wrong! The world of COVID travel may now mean that now the checklist for your journey includes extra permissions to prove your safety to fly, but travel again is possible.

Is an antigen test fit to fly certificate enough to let you travel? This is a question we get asked frequently at Official Rapid Tests as people are looking to start exploring again. Confidence in air travel has returned again, with 83% of people saying they feel ready to get out of the country which is a rise of 73% versus 2021. The only question that remains is how to make that long-awaited trip or dream vacation a reality!

Is a rapid antigen test a fit to fly golden ticket that will send you on your next adventure? We think it might be!

Can I fly with an antigen test certificate?

Whilst you will still need to check your destination countries rules, the consensus is that an official antigen test is enough proof for you to be able to travel. You won’t just be able to take a negative test along with you to the airport as this will likely not be enough proof that you are COVID free. Instead, you will need to carry out a rapid antigen test from an official government recognised source that will then also provide you a certificate of confirmation for travel.

Antigen tests have a success rate of up to 97% when it comes to diagnosing a positive case of the virus. This is why it is the main trusted source for understanding if people are likely or not to spread an infection. It is easy though for people to be dishonest when it comes to providing a test which is why only official test results are accepted. There are also many different forms of lateral flow tests around all which have varying levels of success, with some only successfully proving a positive case in 20% of patients.

Just like needing a PCR test for travel, an officially recognised antigen test has a CE marking and FDA approval which improves its chance of showing a correct result. This is therefore why many countries have decided to acknowledge this as a fit to fly approval. The antigen tests also allow you to obtain results in just 15 minutes meaning they are seen as the most current proof of being COVID free that a traveller can obtain.

How can I get an antigen test certificate?

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Antigen test certificates should be obtained close to your date of travel from an official government recognised source, such as our own websiteYou should take the test within 72 hours of your flight time as otherwise the results will be seen as outdated. Antigen tests are not just to prove that you are safe for travel, but to also protect those around you who are also getting away.

You will only be able to obtain a certification from a registered source as these pieces of legal documentation are highly important. If you try and travel without a certificate or have one that is not from an FDA approved company, it is likely that your trip will end abruptly before you have even been able to set foot in duty free! Official certificates also include your test number which, if the staff at the airport wish, can be viewed via the government’s database of people that are approved to travel.

When the need to travel arises, we make it incredibly easy to order your antigen rapid test and travel certificate. Our streamlined process means you all you have to do is follow these steps to obtain your fit to fly antigen test approval:

  1. When you are a few days away from boarding that much needed flight, simply order your antigen test online. We offer next day delivery but still recommend you leave yourself a few days grace in case of delays to postage which are outside of our control.
  2. Once you receive and you are ready to take your test, follow the instructions. We are all well used to the unwanted nose and throat swab but its important that you follow every step carefully so that your test records a result. You can then upload the photo of your test and passport to our portal in a matter of seconds.
  3. Just 15 minutes later, your signed certificate will be issues and ready for you to download. If this approves your travel, you can use this as proof of your negative COVID status.

Travel to some countries may require you to undertake your test at a registered antigen test clinic so its always worth checking what rules apply to your trip.

Is an antigen test ok for fit to fly? It certainly is if you follow these rules!

Who can get an antigen test certificate?

Anyone over the age of five is required to follow government advice when it comes to travelling. Our antigen tests can be safely used by youngsters and are proved to be effective in picking up positive cases in people of all ages. This may again be different for other countries, but the UK does follow the norm also recognised in the EU.

The information included will be the same, regardless of traveller age, and allow a fit to fly status to be obtained if a negative test has been completed. A service that we also offer are mass test orders as there is nothing worse than having to process everything one person at a time. If you are a family or group of friends taking a trip to country that requires you to prove your current COVID status, this is sure to save you lots of time and eliminate any stresses!

What information does an antigen test fit to fly certificate include?

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Your officially recognised certificate contains all the information needed for travel officials to see your current COVID status. The includes the following:

  • Your full name and traveller identifier information to prove that the certificate status is your own. You will be asked to submit an image of your passport along with your test so that we can certify your identity.
  • The details of where you were tested and who by. This is important as it allows officials to understand if a test result is legitimate.
  • Confirmation of when the test was taken and the result. These can show a positive, negative or void COVID status, with only the first option allowing you to safely travel.
  • Details of who signed the certificate along with the QR code to view the results online via official databases.

You may also be required to prove that you have had a vaccination depending on where you are travelling too. Your antigen test certificate will not prove this but you can obtain an NHS COVID pass if your vaccination status means you are applicable.

What other rules are in place if you want to fly to the UK?

The UK was one of the first countries to remove all travel rules for those entering the UK as of March 2022. There is also no legal need to isolate if you have COVID, although it is highly recommended to stop cases from spreading as the virus does continue to thrive and develop. Many EU countries have followed these rules also, with Spain being the most recent to drop all rules for UK visitors wishing to enter the country. 

When else may I need an antigen test certificate?

Not just ideal for use as fit to fly approval, antigen test certificates are a brilliant way of legally proving your current COVID status for a range of reasons. Our tests are therefore suitable for use if you need to know that you are not currently being affected by the virus for any of the following purposes:

  • If you are attending an event which requires you to prove you are not carrying the virus.
  • If you need to visit a sick or at-risk family or friend.
  • If your place of work requires you to undertake testing as part of your contracted agreement.

Whatever your reason, we can provide official certificates in a rapid timeframe to stop COVID from getting in the way of the things that you want to do.

Why should I choose Official Rapid tests for my fit to fly antigen testing?

Is an antigen test fit to fly approved? Yes, it is, but only if you undertake it via an officially approved provider. International tourism is back to 60% of what is what before the pandemic struck which is brilliant news for travellers and tourism companies alike. At Official Rapid Tests, we make it possible for people to return to their pre-COVID lives with minimal interruption to previous routines.

Don’t let travel confusion get in the way of your next trip. If you an antigen test certificate, order from us today.

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