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To beat COVID-19 together.
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Our Success
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Official Rapid Tests was set up by a team of medical industry experts, with a combined experience of 40 years in the testing, diagnostic and medical services sector.

Our founders identified that there was a lack of fast, relaible and affordable covid testing solutions in the UK, especially for private travel testing. Tackling this problem was the foundation with which Official Rapid Tests was born.

One year on and Official Rapid Rests is one of the fastest, largest and most affordable travel testing providers, recognised by the UK Government. We as a company have helped over 50,000 travellers travel to their desired destinations. As a company we aim to make covid testing  more affordable and faster for the general public. 

With the fastest results in the UK, more than 98% of our customers recommend our services. Overall as a company it is our job to make covid testing as easy and as quick as possible. Join us and become a part of our journey to tackle covid testing in the UK. 

What we have achieved

Our achievements depicted in numbers

Happy travellers


Of results were issued within 15 minutes


We have helped people travel to over 78 different countries


Of customers recommend our services!




Official Rapid Tests prides itself on being the UK's fastest rapid antigen testing certification service. With 99.4% of results issued within 15 minutes

As a company, we have helped customers travel to over 78 desired countries

Our testing kits are one the cheapest kits in the UK, we have a variety of prices that are some of the most competitive in the UK


We as a company want to make travelling as simple as possible for our customers to get to their desired destinations as quickly as possible

When travelling abroad, we want to make sure all test results are received in time for you to travel with no complications

Our company have helped over 40K customers travel to over 78 countries leaving us with a 98% recommendation