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  • Welzo & NFC technology

    Welzo & NFC technology

    At Welzo, our customers are always our top priority and we are committed to providing them with the highest quality care and service. To achieve this, we use the latest...

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  • The 5 Best Tips For Making CBD Bath Bombs - Official Rapid Tests

    The 5 Best Tips For Making CBD Bath Bombs

    Going through a stressful day can be overwhelming. From backaches to muscle tension and painful feet, the body always informs you when you're stressed out. On such days, nothing compares...

    Richard Eldridge |

  • doctor-holding-test-kit-viral-disease-fit-to-fly-pcr-rapid-antigen-travel-covid19-covid-test

    PCR Tests vs. Lateral Flow Tests vs. Serology Tests

    The COVID-19 pandemic remains a grave threat to humankind. Despite the availability of vaccines, it is essential to maintain vigilance and awareness of health and safety procedures. In addition, the...

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  • Welzo and Official Rapid Tests announce Partnership

    Official Rapid Tests is proud to announce its partnership with Welzo.   Welzo and Official Rapid Tests have been working together since Feburary 2022, and will continue to expand their...

    Artur Mihno |

  • Europe-Travel-Tips-Things-You-Need-Prepare-fit-certificate-covid-antigen-pcr-test

    Europe Travel Tips: Things You Need to Prepare

    Europe is a great place to visit for everyone. It is a big continent with many different sights, museums, and buildings. Besides, it has many historical sites, amazing views to...

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  • top-view-international-certificate-vaccination-record-fit-to-fly-pcr-rapid-antigen-travel-covid19-covid-test-covid-recovery-certificates

    What are COVID Recovery Certificates and how to apply?

    If you have tested positive for COVID-19, recovered, and wish to travel to other countries, you must present a COVID-19 recovery certificate. A COVID certificate of recovery is an official...

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  • Monkeypox: Everything We Know So Far - Official Rapid Tests

    Monkeypox: Everything We Know So Far

    In May 2022, the beginning of a new outbreak has become a degree of concern. Monkeypox virus infection is most common in children aged 5-9 years old, especially in small...

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  • us-covid-19-pandemic-travel-advisories-advisory-what-should-i-know-info-pcr-rapid-antigen-official-test-tests

    US COVID-19 Travel Advisories: What Should I Know?

    Before planning your next trip to the United States, follow the updated COVID-19 guidelines. COVID-19 can cause many complications for travellers, including travel restrictions, testing requirements, and even self-quarantine. Travel...

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  • COVID-19-Misconceptions-Debunked-banner

    COVID-19 Misconceptions Debunked

    COVID-19 infodemic is pervasive in this age of global communication. Infodemic refers to the quick and widespread dissemination of accurate and erroneous information. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a flood of...

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  • COVID Curbs Unwind in Europe: Is it safe to travel? - Official Rapid Tests

    COVID Curbs Unwind in Europe: Is it safe to travel?

    Millions to billions of people worldwide have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, straining health care systems, disrupting schooling, and wreaking havoc on the economy. Europe reported a reduction in...

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  • What-is-Omicron-sublineage-BA.2_and-how-dangerous-is-it-Banner2

    What is Omicron sublineage BA.2, and how dangerous is it?

    After several weeks of decline in global COVID-19 cases, Omicron and its subvariants emerged, particularly in the United Kingdom. Scientists identify three categories such as BA.1, BA.2, and BA.3. Among...

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