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Checking what’s happening inside your body is quick and easy — do it from the comfort of your home. We help you understand your health in 3 simple steps:

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Not sure which test to take? Take our quiz and we’ll help you understand how to reach your goals.

Do your test

Your blood test kit arrives within 1-2 days, along with instructions on how to take your sample. Post it back to one of our labs for free.

Get results in 48 hours

You'll get a GP-reviewed report and personalised recommendations to improve or maintain your results.

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Knowing what’s happening inside your body means living in better health and fewer visits to your GP.

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Check your health

Learn how your lifestyle affects your body by checking key health markers. You can access your data at any time.

Make lasting changes

Take action to support your health with trusted GP advice — from personalised lifestyle changes to supplements.

See your results improve

More than 70% of customers who begin with out-of-range results improve by their second blood test. For more information on Weight Loss Tests and Wegovy head to Welzo.