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In the midst of the UK collectively recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, frequent testing has become a requirement in order to keep everyone safe from another outbreak of infections.

In this article, we will be discussing the best in-clinic antigen test for travel. In the UK alone, as of 2022 there have been more than 500 million COVID tests, highlighting the importance of testing two years post-pandemic.

At Official Rapid Tests, we make it simple for people to get connected with the testing services that they need. With more than 120 clinics represented on our government-approved database, we can match you up with a test site in just a few clicks. Keep reading to find out more about the new normal for COVID testing.

First up, let us talk about Antigen tests and how to administer them.

The Antigen test

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Antigen test kits are not the same as a PCR test kit. PCR test kits use a primer (a particular strand of DNA of the subject being looked for) to ascertain whether the testee is infected. Whereas Antigen test kits use lab-made antibodies to search for antigens from the COVID-19 Virus.

Antigen testing kits have become a common method in establishing whether or not the testee has covid. This is because antigen testing kits can be done from home, with results made apparent in a much shorter frame of time.

As opposed to PCR test kits that provide results in 24 hours (due to them being tested in labs), antigen kits provide results in 15 minutes. The method of testing follows a simple procedure, different to the PCR method and is as follows, to take a rapid antigen test:

Below, we will briefly highlight the process of taking an antigen test yourself:

(Not all rapid antigen tests are the same. E.g. some test kits come with the tube and liquid in separate parts. So, always read the instructions on the box or leaflet before you do the test.)

Start by washing your hands with soap or clean with sanitizer, then grabbing a watch or timer.

In the test kit, there should be a:

  • White strip which shows you the test result
  • A long stick with 1 soft end (swab)
  • A tube with liquid inside
  • A lid for the tube

When taking the test, make sure to:

  1. Take the long stick (swab) out of the packet. Do not touch the soft part at the end of the stick.
  2. Put the soft part of the stick up your nose.
  3. Put it all the way up until you feel it touch the back of your nose.
  4. Rotate the swab around the inside of your nose.
  5. Count to 15 slowly.
  6. When the stick is in your nose, you can press on the side of your nose to ensure the swab has made proper contact.
  7. Repeat the process in the other nostril with the same swab you used initially.
  8. When you are done, put the stick into the tube.
  9. Stir the stick in the tube 10 times.
  10. Gently squeeze the sides of the tube together 10 times.
  11. Take the stick out of the tube.
  12. Put the cap tightly on the tube.
  13. Squeeze 3 or 4 drops of liquid onto the tiny circle on your white strip.
  14. Set your timer or watch to the time that the box says (this could be 10, 15 or 20 minutes).
  15. When the time is up, check the strip to see what it says. Only read the strip at that time and not later. It might be incorrect then.

Do you need an antigen test kit? Our website provides these test kits for you. Want to know some more information about antigen test kits? Our blog contains all the relevant information that you need.

Even though antigen testing can be done at home, some people may require it to be done by a professional, this is where in-clinic testing comes in. As we continue we will describe the benefits and the process of in-clinic antigen testing.

Best in-clinic antigen test for COVID

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If Antigen tests can be done at home, why would someone need to go to a clinic for it? Well we must consider that there are some people who are physically incapable due to illness or disability, or even age.

An in-clinic antigen test is a type of Covid test conducted in a clinical setting. The antigen test generates the result rapidly, so it is different to a PCR test, where the result takes up to 24 hours to arrive.

To find out more about walk-in clinics, click here

To find out more about in-clinic antigen tests, click here

You may have to take a Covid test after showing symptoms of the virus, coming into contact with a Covid-positive individual, or before travelling to another country.

So how do you book a test?

To book an in-clinic antigen test with Official Rapid Tests, follow the instructions below:

  • Find your nearest test centre on our webpage here.
  • Book your appointment online with one of our friendly healthcare professionals.
  • Attend your appointment: this will usually take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.
  • You will be tested for Covid-19 by one of our healthcare professionals, who will swab your nose.
  • Your results will be emailed to you securely. If you are travelling abroad and you test negative for Covid-19, your Certification for Travel (verified and signed by our doctor for travel globally) will also be emailed to you.

At Official Rapid Tests, we accurately test for Covid-19 at our clinics, which we have over 120 across the nation. Find your nearest test centre by clicking here.

With 50 locations to choose from and appointments readily available, we have got you covered for when you need to test for Covid-19. Visit our website to find our more information.


We work with qualified front-line doctors and tech experts to come up with the most convenient testing solutions for travel. We blend technology and medical expertise to offer the fastest and most convenient rapid antigen testing service on the market!

So now we have explained in-clinic testing, below are some benefits you can experience.

The benefits of an in-clinic antigen test

  • Quick and efficient - As you will receive your result within 2 hours of taking the antigen test at our clinic.
  • Avoid the hassle of waiting times - Coming to one of our clinics for an antigen test will save you the stress of waiting for a self-test to be delivered. Our clinic appointments only take 10 to 15 minutes, so the waiting times are short.
  • Reduced risk of inaccurate results - Our team of healthcare professionals is trained to test accurately for Covid, so you won’t need to worry that you have taken the test wrong and gotten the wrong results.
  • Hugely useful for travelling overseas - If you are Covid-negative, you will receive a signed Travel Certificate which verifies your ability to travel abroad as a Covid-negative individual. Our in-clinic fit to fly tests are approved for arriving in and departing the UK and they are accepted by major airlines.
  • Useful for the incapable - For people who may struggle to self-administer, whether that be from being elderly, or physically incapable, or even if you just don’t trust yourself to test yourself correctly, our experts can take that stress off your shoulder.
  • The best guidance - You will have the opportunity to speak to any of our experts in case you have any further queries or worries you would like us to address.

Book your in-clinic antigen test

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Official Rapid Tests is a trusted global supplier for Covid testing. We are the highest-rated UK Government listed provider on Trustindex.

All Official Rapid Tests are verified by the EU and the UK Government. We work with qualified front line doctors and tech experts to come up with the most convenient testing solutions for travel. We blend technology and medical expertise to offer the fastest and most convenient PCR testing service on the market.

If you are not sure which Covid test you may need, take our Quiz on our webpage here, and this will tell you which type of Covid test is suitable based on your travel requirements.

Within this article, we hope to provided valuable information for your travelling and testing needs whilst showing you how to discover the best in-clinic antigen test for travel.

Find out more about Official Rapid Tests by browsing our website here.

We have over 120 clinics nationwide where you can get a Covid test. Find your nearest test centre by clicking here.

We are open 24/7, seven days a week.

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