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What are COVID Recovery Certificates and how to apply?


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If you have tested positive for COVID-19, recovered, and wish to travel to other countries, you must present a COVID-19 recovery certificate.

A COVID certificate of recovery is an official document demonstrating a patient's recovery from the virus based on a recent test. This document requires the signature of a licensed healthcare professional. Additionally, it is typically used to enter destinations that accept COVID-19 recovery certificate instead of Fit to Fly Certificate . These certifications demonstrate that you were not infected with COVID-19 at your testing. This document is usually recognized by Canada, the United States, and most European nations. However, in certain countries, a recent positive test is not considered evidence of recovery.

Furthermore, these certifications are issued by the Member State in which the recovered individual currently resides. If you need to apply for an EU Digital COVID Certificate, you must prove that you have cured the virus. All EU Member States, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland, utilize the EU Digital COVID certificate. It is free to access and contains only the most essential details.

The EU Digital COVID certificate is vital for the free movement of EU citizens and the protection of their fundamental rights. This is why EU member states are implementing a digital COVID certificate. One can be requested online or at a medical clinic.


When should you apply for COVID Recovery Certificates?

Individuals aged 17 and above who have received a positive COVID PCR test are eligible for a COVID recovery certificate. If you are underage, a parent or guardian must fill out the form. After completing self-isolation and for up to 180 days after passing the test for international travel, you can acquire a recovery certificate. For entry into premises where COVID-19 evidence is necessary, thirty to one hundred eighty days are permitted.

The COVID-19-PCR tests can produce a positive result up to 90 days following the initial positive result. If it has been five days since your positive test and you are no longer experiencing symptoms, you may request a recovery certificate. It will allow you to continue with your travel arrangements.

How to Apply

1. Obtain proof of a positive COVID-19 test. Ensure that your latest positive result is within the last six months and not within the last ten days.

2. Place your order for your certificate online at the Official Rapid Tests website and wait for further instructions via email.

3. Submit a photo of your COVID-19 test result to receive your certificate in 15 minutes.

4. Carefully review the specifics of your COVID Recovery certification. Ensure that the document is signed and verified by licensed physicians and medical practitioners.

COVID certifications are required for travel and are valid for the next two years. They are personal documents that need a government-issued photo ID. When applying for one, you must produce a valid identification card or another kind of picture identification. The information on the certificate must match the details on your identification card. This document can be beneficial in an emergency. Once your certificate is approved, you can travel without restriction to other EU nations.

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