How to Test Testosterone Levels in the UK

How to Test Testosterone Levels in the UK

If you're experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, mood changes, difficulty sleeping and erectile dysfunction, you may have low testosterone levels. Testosterone is an important hormone that plays a huge part in both men's and women's health, so if you think you might have low levels, you should always get it checked.

Thankfully, Official Rapid Tests have an at-home testosterone level test that you can order online, take at home and send off for your results, so it couldn't be easier. To learn more about what testosterone is, what the symptoms of low testosterone are and how to test, read more below.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a fundamental hormone for men that affects sexual ability, bone and muscle strength, energy levels and brain function, so it's pretty important. It is the primary male sex hormone and plays a vital part in developing male reproductive tissue. Naturally, testosterone decreases as men age, especially between the 40s and 50s.

Many people don't know this, but women have testosterone too. It plays a vital role in women's health and, just as it does with men, decreases with age, especially during menopause. Women can experience fatigue, low mood and reduced sex drive to name just a few when their testosterone and oestrogen levels begin to decrease.

As you can see, testosterone is a pretty important and complex hormone in both males and females but is extremely important for male reproduction and development. This is why many people turn to a testosterone test if they have concerns about low testosterone levels.

Is low testosterone levels linked with male infertility?

Low testosterone and male infertility can be linked, but not always, the answer is more complex than a simple yes or no. It isn’t uncommon for men with low testosterone to still produce healthy sperm because other hormones, not just testosterone, stimulate sperm production.

However, low testosterone can cause low levels of sperm and cause male infertility. Low testosterone can indirectly affect male fertility as it can result in a lack of desire to have sex and can cause erectile dysfunction, making reproduction difficult.

Symptoms of low testosterone

Symptoms of low testosterone

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it doesn't necessarily mean you have low testosterone levels, but a combination of these could be a good indication that you do. It's important to take a testosterone test so you can find out if you do have low levels of the hormone in your body so you can take action against it to improve your overall health.

  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Reduced bone mass
  • Reduced sex drive
  • A decrease in energy levels
  • An increase in body fat
  • Hair loss
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Testicle size
  • Reduction in the amount of semen
  • Decrease in sperm concentration
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Mood changes

Causes of low testosterone

There are many reasons that contribute towards low testosterone levels and here are just some of them:

  • Age
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Chronic drug use
  • Testicular cancer
  • Early or later puberty
  • Kidney disease
  • Diabetes
  • Stress
  • Injury to the testicles
  • Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.

As you can see from this list, there are some things you can do yourself, without needing treatment, to increase your testosterone levels. Living a healthy lifestyle, reducing your alcohol intake, eating healthy foods and getting exercise all contribute towards healthy hormone levels.

Checking your testosterone levels at home

Checking your testosterone levels at home

Is it possible to test your testosterone levels? Yes! You can even do it yourself in the comfort of your own home with our testosterone blood test. You can also visit your doctor to discuss your concerns and ask for a blood test to be done. However, this could come with lengthy wait times.

Our testosterone blood test is one of the best ways of being able to measure the testosterone levels in your blood. This is essential for explaining symptoms related to low energy and muscle loss, and this is important for understanding your health and well-being in the future.

Another option is to order our advanced testosterone blood test. This blood test is a great way of being able to trace the volume of testosterone that can bind freely in your body. This allows you to keep your health and wellness on point and can come with a lot of key benefits at the same time as well.

Our advanced test checks for testosterone levels, albumin and the sex hormone binding globulin.

How it works

It's simple!

  1. Order online. Order your test kit online and receive it the very next day with our free delivery.
  2. Take your sample. Collect your simple home health test sample and mail it to a certified lab with prepaid shipping.
  3. Your results are ready! Within days you'll receive reviewed digital results and useful insights on our secure platform.

From there you will know if you have low testosterone levels and you can begin making steps towards fixing the problem. Make sure you talk to your doctor to more advice and treatment options if needed.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions so you can feel at ease about taking the test and have your questions answered.

When is the best time to take a testosterone test?

Testosterone levels are best tested in the morning as they decrease throughout the day; the blood sample for a testosterone test is best collected between 6 and 10 am for the most reliable results. In some cases, you’ll be advised to fast for several hours before you take the test, which is easiest done first thing in the morning, but you should consult your doctor or the instructions in the home test before taking the test.

Should women take testosterone tests?

Since men have higher levels of testosterone, it’s more common for men to take testosterone tests, often to determine the cause of their lack of sex drive or inability to conceive, however, testosterone has a great impact on women’s health too, and should be tested when symptoms of high or low testosterone arise.

When women have testosterone levels outside of the normal range, it can show they are at risk of having PCOS or fertility issues, and low levels of testosterone can sometimes be caused by low oestrogen or menopause. It’s best to find out about your testosterone levels sooner rather than later to be aware of any health issues to get the best results from treatment.

Can I eat and drink before doing a testosterone test?

Drinking coffee before a testosterone test isn't advised and many doctors even promote fasting before a testosterone blood test. Read the instructions carefully on your test but for best results, don't eat or drink anything before your test and refrain from doing anything that could alter your test results, such as drinking alcohol, smoking or drinking coffee.

Why should I take a testosterone test?

Why order our testosterone test? Well, having the right levels of testosterone in your body is essential for many reasons, and having low levels can contribute to health concerns. This is why it is so important to take one of our tests and make sure you understand what is involved in helping to maintain high testosterone levels.

This is imperative for correct bodily function in men and contributes to many of the core elements of masculine development, such as muscle mass, bone density, regulates libido, and helps with fat distribution.

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