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Call us on: 02030483003
About our company
Official Rapid Tests trading under the HMI Group was founded as the specilist arm for COVID-19 testing supprt. The HMI Group specialises in medical testing solutions for large organisation, with over 40 years of operations in the operational health community. 
What we provide?

No matter the size, scale or speed needed for the corporate testing solution, we have you covered. We offer bespoke and scalable workplace testing solutions to make sure your work force not impacted by a COVID-19 outbreak. 

We can provide testing kits and staff for on-site testing and at home testing including both RT-PCR and Rapid Antigen tests.

We aim to make testing as simple and affordable as possible with our state of the art solutions. 

Our tests can be delivered on site at your workplace, events, film sets, sporting events and for 

We can offer mass testing in order to help prevent outbreaks, or counter them in the earlier and manageable stages.

Why it is important to test in workspaces?

It is important to keep testing regular when working with critial workers, such as financial instituitons, private hospitals and for events. As a company we want events and business to have a more simple and fast testing service. 

Regular testing for Covid-19 within workspaces is an effective way to keep track of the spread of coronavirus for your employees which will reduce the impact of the virus spreading.

Many businesses look for ways to get their employees back to work safely, thats why we have developed the fastest and most affordable testing solution on the market. 

Should employees get tested if they have no symptoms? 
Testing for coronavirus is a safe way to see who are currently infected, whether they do or do not have any symptoms of the infection. Anyone with or without symptoms can be tested quickly and safe and can have a confirmed result the same day. Our company can provide results for individual employees and the company as a whole.

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For those at workplaces, we offer COVID-19 test bespoke to your needs. We have the availability to come on-site or offer simple video supervised testing from home.

In order for this please email us at and we will help you with this enquiry.

Sporting Events & Film Sets

We specialise in testing solutions for both sporting events and film sets, helping major football, rugby and golfing events get their key staff and visitors checked in simple and affordable manner. We have also provided ongoing testing for multiple film sets across the United Kingdom, often setting up onsite testing solutions.  

Recurrent Testing

We provide recurrent and mass testing for staff and events. This can be set up both on and offsite. We have developed the UK's most advanced corporate home-testing service allowing employees to take video supervised tests instantly.

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On-site Testing

If you are in need ,we offer onsite testing for many company's and events such as film productions, private party's, sporting events and many more. If you are wanting on-site testing please get in touch with us at and we will get back to you.

Ordering Test Kits

If you are wanting to order testing kits to your home or workplace, we also do provide this. On our website you will be able to find the test kits that best suit you

Rapid Antigen Tests

The Covid 19 Rapid Antigen test are the best way to get your results as quick as possible. Rapid antigen test give you results from 15 minutes to 12 hour results, making our company one of the fastest in the UK.

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