What test do I need to travel?

Check Embassy and Airline
When travelling abroad and you are required to do a test, you will need to ask your embassy and airline you are flying with for the correct tests needed for arrival and departure. Our Company will not be abe to tell you the requirements for the country you will be flying to, therefore we advise you to contact the airline or embassy of the country you are travelling to before booking you tests.
As a company we advise that you prepare for your travel in advance.You will need to prepare as in getting the right requirements for the country that you are flying to, finding all inforamtion needed for your journey to and from the desired country you have picked.
Arrival and Departure Tests
A Day 2 Antigen test is a test which you take on your day 2 from the moment you step on a UK ground. You will get a PLF number upon ordering, via email. They are self-administered non-invasive nose (saliva) swab. It is a simple online process to upload your results and doctor will verify your submission within 15 minutes to 12 hours. 

A pre-departure Covid test-antigen test & certificate for travel guaranteed, this is not a day 2 test- this is a pre-departure test required for leaving and entering. It has also been approved for entry when leaving the UK. You will get rapid results under 6 hours, it is a gentle nose self swab test and it will be a QR secured certificate sent by email.

Services we provide
1. PCR + Fit To Fly - A PCR test is a test which gives you results if you previously had and curently having Covid-19. The Fit To Fly certificate includes your full name, date of birth, passport number, time and date of test and time and date of report.
2. Rapid Antigen + Fit To Fly - Rapid Antigen test will check only if you are currently having COVID-19. Our Lateral Flow tests can be used for your Day 2 test and you will have to double check with the government requirements for entry to exit.
3. Day 2 and Day 8- This test is for the Amber List countries. You will have to complete two PCR tests on the Day 2 and Day 8. Our day 2 and day 8 tests are easy to follow, and nevertheless we also do convenient home deliveries.
4. Test To Release - This is for international arrivals who have to quarantine at home or at the location they are staying for 10 days, after they arrive they can option in 'Test To Release - Day 5' scheme to see if they can end their quarantine earlier. They must also complete declaration that the tests most fit their needs. Please note if day 5 is taken day 8 must be taken as well.

Frequently Questions Asked

  1. Q. Can you tell me which test I need to take to fly?

    A:Our company will not be able to tell you which tests you need to fly to the country you are going to, as explained you would need to check with the embassy and airline.
  2. Q. Can I take a Day 2 Test if I am not vaccinated?
    A: A Day 2 Antigen test is only for vaccinated people, therefore if you are not vaccinated you will not be able to take the test.