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Frequently asked questions - Rapid Antigen Tests

When will my test kit arrive?

The test kit wil be sent out the following working day after the day of purchase on Weekdays Monday to Friday. If you purchase the test kit on Friday, the latest you can receive the test kit would be by the end of Tuesday.

Kits are dispatched Monday to Friday if placed before 14:00 for next day delivery. Orders placed after 14:00 on Friday will be sent out on Monday, for delivery on Tuesday.

what if my test kit hasn't arrived yet?

We are able to check the status of your test kit. We kindly advise you to wait 2-3 working days before contacting us. 

how long does it take to get my certificate?

The time varies on several factors such as if the procedure was administered properly, the number of applications sent, the time it was sent and others. It can take as short as 30 minutes and as long as 12 hours.

How do i use my test kit?

The QR code/ Verification code will have been sent to you via email (Digital QR code/ Verification code). It will take you to the web application. Sign up and when you’ve logged in, click on take a test. If you want to get a clearer idea on how to do this, click here to watch a short video of how to take an antigen test with Official Rapid Tests or click here.

is it acceptable at all destination?

It is dependent on the requirement on the country you are travelling to if they accept antigen test as a proof of entry and if it has to be administered by a license practitioner. We strongly advise you with your airlines 

What happens when I lose my card?

It happens often that you misplace or lose something small as a card. In this case, you may request for one though there would be a replacement fee attached to it. 

Is there an Age restriction?

You would need to be at least 13 years old before you are allowed to administer the test yourself. If you are under 13 years old, you would need parental consent, stating that you have given consent that a test can be done for the child and that you will accept responsibility for the outcome of the test.

Rapid Antigen Tests

My antigen test has been rejected - what should I do next?

Tests are rarely rejected. In most cases, this is because you have not followed the steps clearly as per the video. Our dedicated team will provide a reason for rejection. If there is something that can be salvaged or rectified, our team will help you to do this.


You would be unable to cancel the test kit once the order has been made. If you experience  missing item , damage, you would have to send an email to us with pictorial evidence. 

My qr code is not working what should i do ?

If the QR code is not recognizable, then try to enter it manually using the 16 digit number given on activation card. The QR code/ Verification code has been either provided inside the package or sent to you via email. Please ensure to check your inbox and spam/ junk folder for the digital QR code/ Verification Code. If you still have any issues, please contact for further help.

My test is inconclusive, what should i do?

In extremely rare circumstances a test may show an inconclusive result. If you have done all the tests and your test is not giving any result, then this is a test that must be repeated. Unfortunately, it means that your swab result was unrecordable. If this is the case, we recommend trying an alternative test. Please contact us with evidence if this happens and we can try and help you with this. If there is enough time, we are happy to send out another test kit to you.

My test certificate has missing information

Our tests are conducted and certificates are provided with guidance for the UK government website for private providers. We will always include the minimum requirement. In some cases, we will add more than the minimum required to try and aid passengers, as often airlines and countries change their rules.

 It is important that you do your test in good time. Don’t do it too early, or too late. We do provide rapid turn around time, therefore if you notice any mistakes or errors, please flag this up right away and a member of our team will help rectify this right away. Please allow enough time for this, as guidance for airlines, countries and airports change often. It is up to you to ensure your information is correct

What happens if i test positive?

If you test positive for your test, you will receive an email which will inform you of the regulation you would have to follow.

What happens if i am unable to submit my test from the application?

We understand technology can sometimes not work for a number of reasons. Rest assured, we can help. If you are not able to submit your test using our application due to any reason then, you can send an email to us at where we will give you instructions on how to submit it manually.

Orders and Returns


We are able to check the status of your test kit. We kindly advise you to wait 2-3 working days before contacting us. 


You do not need an account to place an order however you would need to make an account to complete your test and receive your results. 


You may contact us at  if you have any queries, we aim to answer your queries as soon as we can.

Can i order more than one kit ?

You are able to make an order for more than one test kit for yourself or your family as long as we have stock available. You can then use it when you are ready by registering your test kit.

How to take a nose & throat sample for COVID-19 testing 

  • Step 1

    Wash your hands and place all items on a clean surface. Do not open more than one test pack at a time.
  • Step 2

    Stand in front of a mirror, open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue, you will see an arch at the back of your throat. Wipe the soft tip of the swab around the back of your throat as shown in the diagram. Ensure you wipe the five areas shown while avoiding your tongue and teeth. Ensure that you swab each of these areas several times. This may trigger your gag reflex but should not be painful.
  • Step 3

    Using the same swab, place the soft tip gently inside one nostril and gently wipe it around the inside of your nose advancing upwards. Complete the same process for the other nostril. Once you have taken the sample, place the soft tip of the swab into the collection tube with the liquid. Break off the plastic end at the breaking off point where it is thinner. Close the tube tightly and ensure that the lid no longer rotates. 
  • Step 4

    Make sure to register your test kit online, entering the barcode associated with your test. 
  • Step 5

    Place the collection tube inside the plastic case, ensure this is closed tightly. Place the sample tube in the top of the clear Biohazard bag and remove the silver foil, seal the bag closed. Then place your request form into the outer sleeve. Finally place your completed sample inside the white & purple return bag. (Colour may change). Remove the silver foil and seal the bag. 
  • Step 6

    Post your sample in your nearest Priority Post Box, please post your completed test no later than 1 hour before last collection. You can find your nearest Priority Post Box at: Collection times may differ during the weekends. However, the Royal Mail Priority Post box website displays the details of those collected on Sundays and Bank Holidays.