What Is a Return to UK Antigen Test?

Are you flying to the UK and you are wondering which Covid test to take before you enter the country?

Well, we recommend that you take our Pre-Departure Antigen Test for Return to the UK.

What is a Return to UK Antigen Test?

This is a type of Covid self-test that you can take before your departure to the UK, if you are returning there after travel overseas.

It is a simple, fast and affordable antigen test. It is suitable for unvaccinated travellers arriving into the UK.

The test kit generates your test results within just 15 minutes, so it is a quick and reliable service. We guarantee results within 15 minutes, or your money back.

If you test negative for Covid-19, you will also receive a signed doctor’s Certificate for Travel, which verifies that you are not infected with the coronavirus.

This travel certificate can be used as proof of negative Covid status for travel to the UK, EU and major travel destinations. The certificate is accepted by many countries including the UK, France, Italy, Poland, Greece, Switzerland, Spain and Germany.

We have completed over 150,000 pre-departure tests, which have helped people travel to over 78 countries across the world.

What are the benefits of taking a Return to UK Antigen Test?

  • At Official Rapid Tests, we are the UK’s fastest return testing service- if you take our rapid antigen test, we give you your results within 15 minutes.
  • We are a UK Government listed provider of Covid tests and our Covid tests are approved for entry into the UK.
  • If you test negative, you will receive a signed Travel Certificate which is verified by our doctors, allowing you to travel to many countries (including the UK) with proof of negative Covid status.
  • You can order multiple antigen tests at once, which is perfect if you are travelling abroad with your family, or in a large group.
  • Over 50,000 happy travellers have used our tests successfully this year to travel, so you know you are in the right hands when it comes to travel testing.

Here at Official Rapid Tests, we are a global supplier of Covid tests. We generate the fastest results for Covid testing in the UK, with more than 98% of our customers recommending our services.

Some of our clients include household names such as Aston Martin, the University of Oxford and Universal Music Group, to name a few.

It is your responsibility to check the Covid regulations in every country you travel to, as the rules and testing may vary from country to country.

How does a Return to UK Antigen Test work?

Follow these simple steps to conduct your Return to UK antigen test:

  • Order as many tests as you require online.
  • The antigen tests arrive to a UK address via Royal Mail Next-Day Delivery (if you order before 4pm on weekdays.) Free shipping is included.
  • Register your kit, then follow our instructions on how to perform your test. This must be within 48 hours before returning to the UK.
    Use a smart phone or computer to upload a photo of your test & passport to our portal for results within 15 minutes.
  • Your results are emailed to you securely. If you test negative for Covid, your Certification for Travel is also emailed to you, which is signed and verified by our doctors within 15 minutes. Check your spam or junk folder in your inbox if your results have not been received in the inbox.
    Your test results are issued in downloadable format for easy access when travelling: simply open up the document on your mobile or desktop device to access your certificate.

Can I buy multiple Return to UK Antigen Test?

Yes, multi-buy is available as an option. We are a suited testing provider for group travellers and families who are wanting to purchase more than one pre-departure rapid test.

To save time and guarantee your travel plans, order multiple Return to UK antigen tests in one order.

How do I know what Covid test I have to take if am travelling abroad?

Are you travelling abroad and you are not sure which type of Covid test is suitable?

Take our quiz on our website here to see which type of Covid test is best for your situation.

Remember to always check what the Covid requirements are in the country you are travelling to, as it is your responsibility to take the appropriate test and prepare accordingly.

What should I do if I am travelling abroad and I start showing symptoms of Covid-19?

  • Isolate yourself by staying indoors and avoiding contact with people.
  • Follow the local public health advice in the country.
  • If you are Covid-positive, you may have to cancel any planned activities or trips, or postpone them until you have fully recovered from the virus.
  • Do not leave your quarantined room, interact with others, or board a plane if you are still Covid-positive, even if you are showing no symptoms.
  • Ventilate the rooms you have been in by opening windows and leaving them open for at least 10 minutes after you have left the room.
  • Inform the staff at your hotel or accommodation that you have tested positive for Covid and you are isolating. Also inform them once you leave isolation, so they can sanitise and clean your room afterwards.
  • If you have a contact tracing app for the country you have travelled to, enter your details on there, so this can help prevent the spread of Covid-19.
  • Ideally, you will have taken out travel insurance, so inform your travel insurance provider that you have tested positive for Covid-19. They will advise you in case you need any medical treatment, medical supplies, or if you have any Covid-related travel disruptions.
  • Speak to your hotel and airline in case you need to extend your stay in the country.
  • Once you have fully recovered from Covid, check with your health provider that you are fit to travel again.

What if I travel to the UK from overseas and I test positive for Covid-19?

  • Try to stay at home and keep away from people for 5 days after the day you took the test. Do this even if you are showing no symptoms. Most people will not pass the infection on after 5 days.
  • Continue to keep away from people if you are still Covid-positive after 10 days.
  • Keep away from people who have a weak immune system for 10 days after taking the Covid test.
  • While you are still Covid-positive, wear a surgical face mask and stay away from crowded public places or shared spaces, such as a kitchen.
  • Don’t touch your face. Cover your mouth and nose if you cough or sneeze.
  • Wash and sanitise your hands regularly, especially before touching food and after coughing or sneezing.
  • Disinfect surfaces regularly, such as tables and countertops.

What else should I do before I travel to the UK?

  • Check the UK Government guidance on travel and Covid regulations.
  • Make sure you are not travelling from a country which is on the UK’s red list.
  • Check whether there are any rules surrounding Covid testing, vaccines or face masks in your chosen airlines, transport providers, hotels, accommodation, venues, restaurants, or any tourist attractions.

Where can I get a PCR test?

We sell a Covid-19 Outbound PCR Fit to Fly Test. The PCR test is accepted by all major travel destinations to Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. We are proud to have helped over 150,000 travellers to over 78 different countries!

Our Fit to Fly PCR test kit tells you whether you are positive or negative for Covid within 24 hours; but if you have tested negative, you will also receive a QR coded Travel Certificate.

Are you flying at night time and you need to order a Fit to Fly PCR test?

That is no problem- we are open 24/7, seven days a week. So, you can order a Covid test and get your results and certification to travel in time.

Our healthcare professionals also conduct in-clinic PCR tests in 50 locations to choose from nationwide. Find your nearest test centre here.

What is the NHS Covid-19 app?

The NHS Covid-19 app is a smartphone app which helps identify positive Covid-19 cases local to individuals

It uses Bluetooth to provide contact tracing and risk alerts base on a postcode district, QR code check-ins, or if you check your symptoms.

To be identified as ‘at risk’ of testing positive for Covid, the individual will have had to have ‘close contact’ with a person with a confirmed case of the virus.

The app also helps you keep track of your self-isolation countdown and lets you access relevant advice.

We hope we have answered the question ‘what is a Return to UK antigen test?’

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