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The Quickest COVID Travel Tests to Make Your Holiday Stress-Free This Winter

Quickest COVID Travel Tests to Make Your Holiday Stress-Free

Kasim Javed |

Lockdowns may be a thing of the past, but COVID-19 is still here to stay. The coronavirus is still in full circulation, infecting people across the world and making them ill.
If you are going on holiday this winter, it is crucial that you test yourself for COVID-19, to help prevent the spread of the deadly virus and keep your loved ones safe. COVID testing is especially important if you are travelling to a country which requires proof of a negative COVID test before you arrive at your destination. If you plan to travel abroad and you do not have evidence of a negative pre-departure COVID test, you may refused entry to that country, which will ruin your entire travel plans.
The COVID testing provider Official Rapid Tests offers the fastest COVID test results in the UK, which are perfect for pre-departure testing. The company has made it their mission to make travel testing simple for holiday-goers, so they can travel to their destination with no complications.
At Official Rapid Tests, there is a Fit to Fly Rapid Antigen Test available for only £19.99, which generates results in just 15 minutes.
After taking the Fit to Fly Rapid Antigen Test, if your result is negative, you will receive a QR coded Travel Certificate, signed off by a doctor. This certificate verifies that you are fit to travel to another country, because you are not infected with COVID-19. This doctor-signed Travel Certificate is accepted for travel to the UK, EU and all major travel destinations.
With free shipping and very quick delivery, the full test kit materials and instructions are provided with every COVID test. Multi-buy is available, so group travellers and families can order multiple tests in one order, to save time and guarantee travel plans.
A trusted global supplier for COVID testing, Official Rapid Tests works with qualified front line doctors and tech experts to come up with the most convenient testing solutions for travel. The company has helped more than 150,000 holiday-goers travel to over 78 countries across the world.
Visit the Official Rapid Tests website here to learn more.
Shop the Fit to Fly Rapid Antigen Test here to leave COVID behind and travel with peace of mind!

About Official Rapid Tests

Official Rapid Tests is a UK Government listed provider of COVID-19 testing.
The company was set up by a team of medical industry experts, with a combined experience of 40 years in the testing, diagnostic and medical services sector.
The company founders identified that there was a lack of fast, reliable and affordable COVID testing solutions in the UK, especially for private travel testing. Tackling this problem was the foundation on which Official Rapid Tests was born.
Official Rapid Tests is now one of the fastest, largest and most affordable travel testing providers, recognised by the UK Government as a private provider of COVID-19 testing for the general population, test to release and arrival testing.
The team at Official Rapid Tests aims to make travelling as simple as possible, with all test results received in time for customers to travel with no complications. The company has helped over 150,000 travellers travel to over 78 countries.
Official Rapid Tests prides itself on being the UK's fastest rapid antigen testing certification service- with 99.4% of results issued within 15 minutes of taking the test.
Shop the Fit to Fly Rapid Antigen Test here and feel free to order as many as are required.
Official Rapid Tests also offers a Video Supervised Lateral Flow Antigen Test, a COVID Recovery Certificate, and in-clinic testing at 50 locations to choose from nationwide.
Read articles on the Official Rapid Tests blog here.

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